How We Can Help

There are several ways that we can support you on your home renovation journey. We can share our experience to get you a great design outcome either:

  • Before you Start: The Pre-Design Phase setting you up for success.
  • During the Journey: The design phase working with your project team to inform the design.
  • After the Design Phase: Value engineering/Scope optimisation – We can look at your current project design and offer alternative solutions to optimise cost and buildability.

Pre-Design Consultations

Prior to embarking on your renovation journey, we can attend your home for a Pre-Design Consultation. We can add so much value at the beginning of the journey, setting up your project for success rather than assessing your project viability based upon assumptions than can be costly at build stage.

Based upon the outcome of this initial meeting, we work with trusted project partners to help you achieve your renovation goals. Before they are employed, we need to understand the specific features on and around your property and how they will help inform what is possible for your home renovation.

For example:

  • In ground services – (sewer, water, stormwater, gas, telecommunications)
  • Potential flooding issues – river, creek or overland flow
  • Soil Conditions and potential implications on the footing system
  • Boundary Conditions – adjacent structures
  • The best structural bracing, framing and footing systems to support your home

Preliminary Structural Assessment

Informed by years of experience with homeowners, builders, building designers and architects, we’ll help you share in potential cost savings in the construction and ultimately the long-term maintenance of your home.

If you already have a proposed plan for your home renovation, we can conduct a review of your design drawings and provide feedback. We will identify improvements to ensure structural integrity in relation to the structural requirements and identify any opportunities to save cost.

Structural Engineering Design and Documentation

We inform the design of buildings in relation to structural engineering ideas and questions. Our aim is to help create a solution that honours both structural requirements and architectural intent.

Utilising our experience, we deliver our solutions via a 3-stage process. which gradually builds in detail to complement the development and documentation of your project.

Schematic Design – provides a high-level troubleshooting review and feedback, as well as identifying ideas and approaches for further exploration during design development

Design Development – adds sizing information to viable options which are considered and incorporated into the initial building design ready for detailed design.

Detailed Design – is the preparation of the final design and documentation ready for pricing / approval and construction.

Construction Inspections

In accordance with the Standard Building Regulation, your building certifier may request that aspects of the building work be inspected on their behalf by competent persons. As a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) we can provide these inspection services and issue a Form 12 Aspect Certificate for each successful inspection. The purpose of these inspections are to ensure that the construction has been carried out in accordance with the building approval and to ensure the quality of the building work.

Thinking of Renovating?

Before you start talking to a designer or a builder, let’s explore what’s possible based on your specific circumstances.

Our goal is to help you get the optimum outcome for your budget.