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We all need somewhere to call home. Our homes are our safe space, our shelter, our sanctuary, our retreat from the world. A place to renew and recharge and to grow with those that we love.

We are a team of experts you can trust, with over 25 years of experience in ensuring the structural safety of homes for Queensland families. We add value to projects by informing the overall design with a focus on simple, cost-effective structural engineering solutions.

Our number one priority is ensuring the design of your dream build or renovation goes smoothly – saving you time and money whilst achieving your goals.

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How do We Work? - Check Out the Renovation Roadmap

Our First Meeting: Understanding Your Project and the Best Path Forward

We will organise an initial Project Meeting with our friendly team to discuss your goals, project requirements and viability based on budget. Together we will path the best path forward to achieve your goals.

Initial Checks: Project Check-Up

The AD.Structure team will look over all of the information from Step 1 and work on some desktop studies. We also check in with the Certifier and check any town planning restrictions. Thorough checking at this stage will save money later down the track.

Concepts and Costs: Your New Project Concepts and Costs

AD.Structure will do a site review with the Town Planner and Certifier where they will sit down and look over all of the Concept Sketch Development and Predesign. Then we will check in with you to discuss the budget estimates and ensure that it works for you!

Project Review:  Assessing the reports and sketches

AD.Structure will then collect all of the relevant reports and sketches and make sure that everything is in line with our estimates. By having each part of the initial project at the same time in the same place, we can make sure that there are no hidden costs or potential hang ups to ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible.

Project Approval: Ready to Go!

In this stage AD.Structure will work with you to finalise your new project and confirm the budget/scope. In this session we will also help you find the best builder for your project, and appoint a team that will check in with you through the entire project build.

Construction: Your Project Comes to life!

The Builder is selected, we discuss the project with you and the team and make sure that all of the correct inspections are completed during the build. This ensures that you can be confident that no corners are being cut and that your dream build will be everything you have hoped for!

AD.Structure Structural Engineering Services Roadmap

Thinking of Renovating?

Before you start talking to a designer or a builder, let’s explore what’s possible based on your specific circumstances.

Our goal is to help you get the optimum outcome for your budget.